Newsletter ProcessIT Innovations, November 2009

Corrvision provides a globally-unique way of controlling the flatness of corrugated cardboard

[2009-11-12] – “Using our monitoring system, we can now for the first time in world history ensure automatic control of the flatness of corrugated cardboard inline in the corrugator,” says Christer Söremark, part-owner of Corrvision Technology, a company set up in partnership with ProcessIT Innovations.

There were principally two stages of manufacturing corrugated cardboard that Corrvision looked at. One was to measure the amount of glue used to join the three layers that make up corrugated cardboard. The second stage was to develop methods to measure the flatness (so called warp) of the finished box. When uneven sheets are used, problems arise when converting to finished boxes (printing, die-cutting, erecting, filling) with the risk of capacity constraints or that large quantities must be rejected.

“The measuring equipment is based on image analysis which we installed at Smurfit Kappa in Eslöv some time ago. The latest version with a control loop that manages the automatic control of the process has been in operation since November 2008.”

“The system must be able to work online which allows the machines to work faster and produce less waste,” says a satisfied Christer Söremark.


Good contact with researchers

A key factor for development was the good relationship Corrvision Technology enjoyed with researchers at Luleå University of Technology through their partnership with ProcessIT Innovations. Christer Söremark is keen to showcase Professor Michael Sjödahl who, with his expertise, has provided guidelines and advice for the development process.

“Without the partnership with ProcessIT we would never have been able to form Corrvision Technology,” Christer Söremark emphasises.


Quality enhancement with new system

Peeter Saarnak, Site Manager at Smurfit Kappa Sweden's Eslöv factory is very pleased with the partnership with Corrvision. In the past, we have been dependent on the visual ability of operators to assess the quality of products at the end of the whole process. Now with the Corrvision installation we can control the process and set plus and minus targets tolerances for flatness.

“We have an excellent yardstick for our operators and we can see a clear improvement in quality as a result. It is also pleasing to know that we are the first in our industry to install this equipment.”


Partnership with ProcessIT

The continuing partnership with ProcessIT has now led to the development of a third piece of measuring equipment for monitoring and controlling the frequently occurring striping in the mm-scale (“washboard”) which may be more or less pronounced for sheets of corrugated cardboard. Too much washboard produces striping in the print quality for subsequent printing, and has a negative impact on the mechanical properties of the finished box.


Moving towards export

In Europe, there are over 800 installations for manufacturing corrugated cardboard, and the market enjoys sales of more than SEK 200 billion per year. If Corrvision Technology can offer solutions that reduce wastage in manufacturing processes by a small percentage, this will generate major savings annually. Marketing on the European market is underway and negotiations are in progress with companies in the United States for a launch on the North American market.

Mikael Hansson (Source)