Customer values

The system provides the capability to accurately monitor, store and display the degree of warp
for each "out" across the corrugator in real-time.

  • High and consistent quality

Accurate Real-Time readings of warp situation are superior to visual estimation and will handle variations in paper properties between deliveries and supplier. The monitoring system can be used to set up a Closed-Loop for automatic Warp Control.

  • Less waste on corrugator

The monitoring system will give Alarm when quality is out of specification or when there is a “jam” in the stacker.

  • Reduced dependence of operator skills

Since the monitoring system is independent of man, this guarantee an operator-independent production.

  • Improved throuhput in converting operations

The increased consistency in quality will increase capacity in converting operations with less waste. In addition, separate warp-targets can be set for specific converting operations to fine-tune throughput.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

Your customer will get a better and more consistent product. From the data base a retrospective search for data from earlier productions can be done which offers traceability for all produced board.

  • Knowledge about what´s causing warp

Since all warp data are stored in a data base, correlations between machine settings, paper properties and warp performance gives the opportunity to find optimal machine settings and to select optimal paper suppliers.

  • Improved “bottom line”

Your operation will be more profitable


We are using the latest developments in Vision Technology, which implies a non contacting device without any moving parts that requires maintenance. The acquired information is processed with designed unique algorithms. The real-time data can easily be implemented to set up a Closed-Loop for control of wrap arms on pre-heaters of the double backer. Or integrated with any existing Process or Quality Control System.

System Benefits