Customer values

The system provides, for the first time ever, the capability to accurately monitor, store and display the position and amount of glue applied.

  • High & Consistent quality

For the first time, accurate readings of glue application can handle variations in paper- and glue properties.

  • Less use of glue

The amount of glue can be minimized with preserved board properties.

  • Less “Washboard”

Low levels of applied glue will minimize washboard and in consequence improve printing results and bending strength.

  • Less waste at corrugator

The monitoring system will give Alarm when quality is out of specifications.

  • Reduced dependence of operator skills

Since the monitoring systems independent of man, this guarantees an operator-independent production.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

The customer will get a better and more consistent product. From the data base a retrospective search for data from earlier productions can be done, which offers traceability for all produced board.

  • Knowledge about what´s causing low PAT-values and washboard

From the data base, combinations between machine settings and paper suppliers for best board performance and runnability can be found.

  • Improved “bottom line”

Your operation will be more profitable.


Vision Technology, together with a unique hardware setup and dedicated algorithms have been developed to display the recordings remotely where desired. The System can be used for an “Examination and Evaluation Audit” or integrated for Manual or Automatic Control of the glue unit.

System Benefits