Mission - Vision - Technology

  • To satisfy our customers demand for consistent quality and increased productivity
  • To combine your experiences and knowledge with ours and together improve the performance of your processes
  • Innovative monitoring systems in combination with extensive knowledge in process understanding and control technology

Our business concept

CorrVision Technology is a supplier with the aim to be the leading supplier of Advanced Corrugator Process Measurement Solutions, based on Vision Technology. In addition to Measurement solutions the company will offer design and optimization of control systems.

Our solutions are used in the corrugator process and subsequent converting operations. This unique product line opens up new possibilities for improvements in product quality and productivity.


Familiar with the requirements of the corrugating business customers – and their customer’s requirements – we develop performance related measurements for the business.

To fully gain from these measurements our solid knowledge in production technology is combined with our extensive knowledge and experiences in dynamic modeling.

Corrvision Technology – part of a specialized cluster

CorrVision Technology is a member of a cluster consisting of companies with a variety of specialized competences aimed at supplying the process industry with cutting edge solutions to complex problems.

CorrVision Technology brings a unique synergy, which is a result of three parties, with different experiences from different industries, joined together to bring Advanced Process Measurement and Control to the corrugated and converting industries.

The cluster and its partners have worked together for many years and have a long term relationship based on competence and trust. The team has over the years aquired extensive experience of system development to fulfil industrial needs, based on front line research and practical implementation.

Optimation AB
Part owner of CorrVision Technology and specialized in process control, process modelling and system integration.

MBV Systems AB
Specialized in development of innovative measurement system based on vision, both 2D and 3D

Luleå University of Technology
Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, specialized in image processing and mathematical morphology.

Centre for industrial optics.

Process IT Innovations
Collaboration centre in northen Sweden. Its activities involve the process and engineering industries, ICT companies and the universities of Umeå and Luleå.